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Orthrus Mixes

ORTHRUS (all gives Orthrus card at baby - 50 plus 755 Myth Attack)



HYDRA = Cerberus aka Land Hound




STORMZILLA = Tempest Hound



HELEPHANT = Inferno Hound

COLLOSUS = BEFORE UPDATE: Ice Hound *this gives Ice Hound card at Epic which is 635 - 715 Ice Attack*.

AFTER UPDATE: Frost Hound with Orthrus card at baby with 50 plus 755 Myth Attack. (I will include a picture of the new Frost Hound)


This is the Ice Hound pet below with one head. 



This is the new Frost Hound below with two heads.


SATYR = Jade Hound



WRAITH = Grimtooth


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